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CBD for Skincare: 3 Ways It Can Help le category: Beauty & Skincare

CBD for Skincare: 3 Ways It Can Help

More often than not, when you think of CBD, you’re thinking about how it can help you internally (sleep, anxiety, pain…). But what about externally? More specifically, what can CBD do for your skin? Thanks to CBD’s natural properties, it’s a worthy choice when it comes to beefing up your beauty routine. Here’s why.
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    ANTI-OIL (because we want to say 'bye-bye' to breakouts) 

    Your body's sebaceous glands are found most prominently on your face and scalp. They secrete an oily substance (sebum) that keeps your skin and hair moisturized, but too much can (of course) result in acne and slippery scalps. Luckily for us, CBD has been found to be a “highly effective sebostatic agent,” meaning it helps to reduce and regulate oil production. So no more extra shine! 

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    ANTIOXIDANT (because looking forever young is forever #goals)

    You've likely heard of these suspicious-sounding things called free radicals, which are tiny atoms that cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can in turn damage our body's cells, leading to a variety of symptoms including, yup, signs of aging (ech). While free radicals are naturally produced by the body, everyday factors like pollutants and pesticides can accelerate their production. Thankfully, studies have shown that CBD is a “potent antioxidant”—this is great, as antioxidants can protect against and counteract damage from oxidative stress.

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    PAIN-RELIEVING (because irritated skin is uncomfortably 'ow')

    Whether you suffer from pain that’s pulsing under your skin (like achy muscles) or that’s showing on the surface (like uncomfortable irritation), CBD has proven to be an “analgesic agent,” meaning it’s a purveyor of pain relief! It is known to interact with the receptors in our body that tell us we’re in pain and then ultimately desensitize them.

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