Patch FAQ

Transdermal patches deliver ingredients topically. These ingredients are then absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream. Patches provide a subtle and consistent delivery of small amounts of an ingredient over a long period of time.

Ingredients delivered transdermally bypass the firstpass metabolism of the liver which allows more ingredient to reach the bloodstream. Additionally, transdermal patches have no taste or odor so and don’t require you to swallow, chew or inhale anything.

Use it daily, like any other supplement, or on an as-needed basis whenever you need some extra support. We like to keep some in our desk drawer, hand bag, and makeup kit so that we’re always ready, if the need arises.

The patch is most effective when worn on any venous part of the body (forearm, ankle, foot, etc.). In some cases, you may find that it works best when applied directly to the area you’re trying to target. Generally, we prefer the inner forearm.

One patch will deliver benefits for up to 12 hours. We find that customers wear them anywhere from 2-12 hours, depending on what their body needs in the moment.

Each patch is jam-packed with feel good ingredients. In order for the ingredients to be evenly distributed throughout the patch (and to therefore deliver a consistent experience), we needed a big surface area. But, if you find the patch is too big, feel free to cut it into sections. As long as the entire patch is still applied to your, you should receive the same benefits. Get creative!

We do not recommend getting the patches wet, as it will affect the strength of the adhesive.

We recommend sticking with 1 at a time.

Our ingredients are tested for heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, pesticides/herbicides and residual solvents (where necessary). The adhesive in our patch is vegan, cruelty-free, latex-free and has been tested on humans and shows no signs of dermal sensitization. The patches are manufactured in a cGMP certified & FDA registered facility.

You know the phrase, "ripping off a bandaid"? Our patches are like oversized bandaids (with only the sticky part), plus, it's really important that the adhesive is strong enough to deliver the ingredients into your body. So, when you take them off, do so with care - you may experience slight redness. If you have sensitive skin, try to put the patch in a less sensitive area (e.g. foot, ankle, lower back).