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Catch Some ZZZs: How CBD Can Help With A More Restful Sleep

There’s nothing worse than settling into bed…and then staring at the ceiling for hours instead. Next time you find yourself unsuccessfully counting sheep, think about using some CBD to help you catch those ZZZs.

Unlike something like melatonin (which tells your body it’s time to sleep), CBD can clear some common roadblocks that prevent you from getting some rest, namely an overactive mind.

CBD has been shown to directly activate 5-HT1A, our body’s serotonin receptor (the same one that’s often targeted by anti-anxiety medications). By increasing activation, studies found that CBD “reverses anxiety-like behavior.” And a calmer mind could mean a quicker trip to sleepy-town.

CBD also interacts with GABA, the brain’s main ‘inhibitory’ neurotransmitter, meaning its sole purpose is to slow down and prevent nervous or excess activity in the brain. By working to create a surplus of GABA, CBD can have a quieting, calming effect on your hyper head.

Here are a few of our favorite sleep-friendly CBD picks.

  • The Whole Package

    Fleur Marché Le Sleep Kit

    This collection of our go-to nighttime products will have your (well-rested) mind, body, AND skin thanking us.

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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Kana Skincare Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask

    With 25mg of CBD and 28 active botanicals, this mask works while you sleep so that you can wake up glowingly refreshed.

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  • A Nighttime Necessity

    Yuyo Botanics PM Formula

    Formulated with 900mg of CBD, sweet orange and hops, this oil aims to help you wind down and combat restlessness.

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  • 7 Days of Slumber

    The Good Patch A Week of Sleep (7x Nite Nite Patch)

    A mix of melatonin and 15mg of CBD make these patches your go-to for a good night’s rest.

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