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The CBD Six...with Sarah Gibson Tuttle

The CBD Six...with Sarah Gibson Tuttle

by Danielle Cheesman (@daniellesaid)

Introducing The CBD SIX! A new interview series that spotlights how women we admire incorporate CBD into their daily routine—to help with everything from parenthood to professional pursuits—and demystify its stigmas in the process.

Meet Sarah Gibson Tuttle! As founder and CEO of nail brand Olive & June, the former equity sales trader opened her first shop in 2013 after recognizing the need for accessibility, luxury and education to intersect in the nail care space. With three California salons now under her belt, as well as manicure kits and long-wear, 7-free polishes to enhance the at-home experience, the mani-pedi maven talks to Fleur Marché about CBD—in six ways.


Olive and June Salon

  • 01

    What was your first experience with CBD?

    I first used CBD as a sleep aid. Running a business and having a little one had caused super irregular sleep and it really affected my mood and concentration during the day.

  • 02

    Take us through your daily routine!

    Morning Must-Haves?

    A Tracy Anderson workout, Goodmylk matcha latte, and some Ritual Prenatal Vitamins—I’m not currently pregnant or trying to be, but I’m always looking for better hair, skin and nails. For my face, I always have Dr. Nigma No 1 Serum + sunscreen on and my favorite Pat McGrath eyeliner.

    Afternoon Pick-Me-Up?

    A walk to get a Starbucks iced tea and applying our Olive & June Cuticle Serum because beautiful nails and caffeine are my everything.

    Nighttime Necessities?

    After washing my face and applying Shani Darden's Retinol Reform, it's time to Fleur Marché: I always have a rotation of my favorite CBD sleep products nearby: Yuyo Botanics PM and the Nite Nite Patches are the best.

  • 03

    What are you like before and after your CBD dose?

    Before [taking CBD], I'm ready to stay up and scroll my Instagram mindlessly. After, I'm ready to get the best night's sleep. CBD really shifts me into a sleepy mood.

  • 04

    What is your favorite delivery method and why?

    Oils because they are easy.

  • 05

    What myths, misconceptions or stigmas do you feel still surround CBD?

    Many of my friends are nervous they’ll somehow get high using CBD. [From the Fleur Marche Founders: You won’t!] I love when they try it and really love it.

  • 06

    You have to gift someone your favorite CBD product. What do you choose and why?

    CBD formulas are really specific to what they are treating so I would first ask what they are looking to heal or treat. When I don't know the exact product to recommend, I send them to you! I love how much of a resource y'all are.

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