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  1. How to Mix CBD & Wine, According to a Sommelier-Turned-Cannapreneur

    As a fine-dining pastry chef and certified sommelier, Jewel Zimmer spent years creating and curating experiences for others through quality ingredients, potent tastes and extreme nuance. So, it comes as no surprise that her organic CBD collection was formulated with a laser focus on efficacy, consistency, and great taste.
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  2. 3 Perfectly Pumpkin, CBD-Infused Recipes

    With the holidays approaching, autumn is the perfect time to embrace CBD so that you stay cozy and stress-free. So we asked Jamie Hall, author of t...
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  3. CBD In Food: It’s Not B.S., It’s Beneficial

    Jamie Hall first began using CBD as a postpartum aid. She found it more gentle than other pharmaceutical options, and began making infused treats f...
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