5 CBD Favorites That'll Make Flying Stress-Free

Long lines, small spaces, overpriced eats…

There are tons of reasons that flying is stressful. But that strain on the brain is exactly what CBD can help address and alleviate. And since the holiday season is officially here, you're likely about to begin booking your travel, so here's a handful of our CBD faves for flying.

Due to varying international laws, we don't recommend flying outside of the US with CBD. For domestic flights, here's what the TSA (currently) has to say:

Certain cannabis-infused products, including some CBD oils, remain illegal under federal law except for products that are approved by the FDA or contain no more than .3% THC on a dry weight basis.

While all Fleur Marché products boast less than .3% THC, we're sticking to non-oils here to be super-safe, but also advise that you know the law of where you're landing.