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The CBD SIX...with Vanessa Packer Ru

The CBD SIX...with Vanessa Packer Ru

by Danielle Cheesman (@daniellesaid)

Welcome to The CBD SIXAn interview series that spotlights how women we admire incorporate CBD into their daily routine—to help with everything from parenthood to professional pursuits—and demystify its stigmas in the process.

Meet Vanessa Packer Ru! Born and raised in New York City, being active was always an important part of the former stylist’s life. But upon earning her certification as a holistic nutritionist, and recognizing a need for a fitness service that blended both mindful exercise and nutrition, she founded modelFIT. With two locations in New York and Los Angeles, the studio’s method is to create functional strength through motions that effectively target small, stabilizing muscle groups. (It’s also found a fan in Chrissy Teigen!) Here, we talk to Packer Ru about CBD—in six ways.

Vanessa Packer Ru

  • 01

    What was your first experience with CBD?

    My first experience was supplementing CBD to sleep through the night. Just a few drops under the tongue seemed to do the trick for me.

  • 02

    Take us through your daily routine!

    Morning Must-Haves? 

    Cold brew coffee, a workout, green juice, and a shower!

    Afternoon Pick-Me-Up? 

    I try not to have more than one coffee a day, so usually I'll have a green tea or chai tea if I'm feeling an afternoon dip [in energy].

    Nighttime Necessities? 

    A bath is my all time favorite nighttime relaxation remedy. I love using different oils and salts to switch up the scent and feeling of the bath. I usually read and listen to music. It's really good 'me time.' After the bath, I've been using Kana Skincare's Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask and Khus + Khus' Copious Body Serum before bed. It's so nice to ritualize the 'getting ready for bed' experience. Once I hit the pillow, I'm lights-out.

  • 03

    What are you like before and after your CBD dose?

    Post-bathtime CBD, I'm sleepy and ready for bed. And when it's that time of the month and I use Dr. Kerklaan's PMS Cream, it's a game-changer. I really feel my cramps subside and I'm able to just go about my life. It's a relief.

  • 04

    What is your favorite delivery method and why?

    I like topically applying the CBD. I can control the exact area I want to feel the relief.

  • 05

    What myths, misconceptions or stigmas do you feel still surround CBD?

    I think people just need education around it, and [need to] experiment on themselves to see what works best for them. A lot of people don't believe it does anything, but I think that's more because they haven't given it an honest shot, or haven't used a quality product with high standards.

  • 06

    You have to gift someone your favorite CBD product. What do you choose and why?

    I would choose a topical CBD product like a face mask or lotion. It's an easier entry point for people who aren't sure how their body will react to digesting something.


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