The 4 Common Cannabis Contaminants We Avoid

So you’ve finally decided to try CBD...yay! Now, how do you figure out what’s high quality and what’s, well, crap? And why is that even important?

Well, while plant medicine can be amazing, it also comes with some risk. Given the state of today’s farming practices, you have to be careful with anything that comes from the ground as it may be laden with toxins. With CBD, you also have to be mindful of the extraction method (which almost always includes chemicals, though some are safe while others are not) and what the finished product actually contains.

Sound overwhelming? It is. And it’s one of the reasons we started Fleur Marché - to do all that work for you. We have a very stringent vetting process to ensure that anything you find on our site is thoroughly tested and safe for you to put in your bod. You can learn more about our requirements here, but if you’re curious about the big things we look out for (and why we stay away from them), we’re breaking it down below.