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I Took CBD for 30 Days

by Katie Clementi (@katieclementi)

CBD is most beneficial when it's taken consistently.

But we understand that, like lots of other wellness practices—from journaling to going to the gym—creating routines and forming habits takes time. Even our Social & Partnerships Manager, Katie, admits that her experience with CBD has been sporadic. So she embarked on a committed, month-long journey of taking CBD everyday to determine its effect on her sleep, anxiety and period troubles, and kept a daily diary to track its benefits.

Here are some excerpts!

I’ve been having the worst period cramps and mood swings—being a woman is v. fun!—so I’m very excited for this Dazey CBD Oil (700mg) to work its magic. I’ve also been feeling a bit tired lately, but haven’t been able to sleep—anxiety is v. fun, too!—so I’m hoping this will help calm my thoughts.

Feeling much better than last week. I used the Dazey tincture with Dr. Kerklaan’s Pain Cream for my period woes and, honestly, it didn’t even feel like I had my period. Mood is definitely lifted. No emotional rollercoasters (at least not as many!).

I Took CBD for 30 Days I Took CBD for 30 Days

My sleep is so much better. Typically, when I’m feeling anxious, it can take me anywhere from 1-2 hours (not kidding!) to fall asleep, and since taking CBD every day, it’s only taking me about 15-30 minutes. It’s been a fairly stressful week, but Dazey has really helped me stay calm throughout the chaos.

Wow. That's all I have to say. I had never taken CBD for more than a few days and now I know that I was missing out. I’ve realized that the benefits of CBD are so much better when you take it consistently. I am naturally a bit impatient and want instant gratification on many things, but slow-and-steady is the name of the game when it comes to CBD.

Be patient when it comes to the benefits and you will be rewarded!


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