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Head-to-Heel: 6 CBD Products for Your Skin

Sad to say, but summer has come and gone.

And while that may mean that your dewy, sun-kissed days are over, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your glow altogether. After all, skin care isn’t seasonal, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite products that will keep you feeling radiant well into the Fall. These CBD picks will keep your skin nourished, protected and hydrated from day to night, head to heel.

  • FACE

    Saint Jane Saint Jane's Luxury CBD Beauty Serum

    Formulated with oils and extracts from sunflower, avocado and rosehip seeds, plus a handful of other pure and natural ingredients (including 500mg of CBD), this serum helps balance, brighten, soothe and improve skin’s inherent radiance.

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  • EYES

    Mary's Nutritionals Mary's Nutritionals CBD Eye Cream

    Vitamin E, jojoba seed oil, peptide complex and 50mg of activated hemp extract combine forces in this cream to help brighten the under-eye area, firm the skin, and support your natural collagen production.

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  • LIPS

    Cannuka Cannuka's CBD Lip Balm

    Teased in its name, Cannuka combines manuka honey (a renowned anti-bacterial and antimicrobial agent) with CBD in its skincare offerings, and this balm works to repair the collagen layer under your lip's surface.

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    Khus + Khus Premo Hand + Nail + Foot Supreme Treatment

    Formulated according to the principles of phyto-medicine (i.e. plants heal!), this intensive treatment, with its 50mg of CBD, includes beeswax to create an irritant-protecting barrier, subtle aromatherapy to relax nerves, and an array of nourishing oils to treat dry heels, dry hands (cuticles included!) and stiff joints.

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  • BODY

    June Oils June CBD Body Oil

    Blending 100mg of full spectrum CBD and 14 plant oils (including sweet almond, shea and the aromatic sandalwood), this tinted body oil is both subtle and sexy. It’s hydrating without being heavy, and can be blended into your lotion or directly onto your skin.

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    Kana Skincare Kana Skincare Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask

    With 25mg of CBD, 28 active botanicals (like avocado and the titular lavender), and its inclusion of hyaluronic acid (which, when produced by our skin cells, is key to maintaining moisture), this mask works while you sleep so that you can wake up glowingly refreshed.

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