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Introducing...Our 5 Best-Selling CBD Products! le category: Sleep

Introducing...Our 5 Best-Selling CBD Products!

Whether you’re looking for a new can’t-live-without-it item or haven’t yet found an absolute favorite, picking from the crème de la crème of CBD feels like a great place to start, right?

Our customers have been singing the praises of these 5 products and we totally get why. So join the club because, after all, the best things are life are...these best-sellers.

  • For Sleeping Beauties

    Yuyo Botanics PM Formula

    Fleur Marché’s best-selling product proves we all want a deeper, more satisfying snooze. A well-rested night means a more refreshed morning.

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  • For Skincare Connoisseurs

    Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

    Apply during the day for a dewy glow. Repeat at night for restoration. And never, ever look back from the luxury of 20 potent botanicals balancing and brightening your skin. You’re welcome.

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  • For Keeping Calm & Carrying On

    Plant People Calm CBD Capsules

    Schisandra berry. Holy basil. You may not know them on a first-name basis, but the adaptogens in these pre-dosed capsules work to help manage stress levels so that you can be your most evolved self. Like, on the daily

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  • For Nervous Newbies

    Rosebud Rosebud 350 mg CBD Oil

    Wildly versatile, this oil can be used day or night, topically or orally, on skin or mixed with lotion, and in food or a drink, which means it’s literally perfect for any CBD beginner. (You’re ready, we swear.)

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  • For Everyday Aches

    Dr. Kerklaan Natural CBD Pain Cream

    When it comes to unanticipated aches and pains, we all want the most effective aid and we want it now—so this chiropractor-developed cream is just what the doctor ordered (pun intended). You can bank on it being B.S.-free and fast.

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Introducing...Our 5 Best-Selling CBD Products!

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