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Relief, Plz.

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Faster Recovery, Made Painless.
Rebound from a tough workout, a night of drinking or daily wear and tear with this powerful blend of Peppermint oil (with menthol) + Hemp.

Cheaper than a massage, more enjoyable than an ice bath.

Peel it, set it and forget it. Patches are most effective when applied to your vein-y parts (we prefer the inner forearm). May be worn for up to 12 hours.

Warnings: Topical use only. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Stop use immediately if skin becomes irritated. Not for use on children. Wash hands after use. Consult a healthcare professional about potential interactions or complications before use. Avoid direct and/or prolonged contact with water, as this may have an adverse effect on the patch adhesive. 

Serving size: 1 patch

Hemp isolate sourced from hemp grown in the USA

Raw Hemp extract tested for:
- Potency 
- Pesticides
- Residual solvents
- Heavy metals
- Microbiological contaminants

Finished product tested for:
- Potency
- Pesticides
- Residual solvents
- Heavy metals
- Microbiological contaminants

Plant extracts from hemp (20mg), Menthyl Lactate (4mg), Comsoperine (1%), Peppermint oil with menthol (0.25mg)

Only the best for your bod!

We only use top quality ingredients that are tested for potency, microbial contaminants, and heavy metals before production. 

Our products are tested again after production for potency, microbiological contaminants, and heavy metals.

The majority of our packaging is sustainable (biodegradable, fully compostable, plastic-free, upcycled or recyclable).

20 mg per serving / Transdermal / Isolate

Whats Inside?

The perfect way to keep your body feeling tip top after anything from a tough workout to a big night out.

Menthyl lactate

Menthyl lactate is an organic compound (menthol + lactic acid) that's best known for its powerful soothing and cooling benefits. It's an instant refresher that provides serious "ahhhhs".

Relief Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil delivers a cooling sensation on contact (thanks, menthol), making it a go-to calming agent for angry muscles, or a throbbing head.

Relief CBD

Hemp is is known to support receptors in the body that moderate and regulate feelings of discomfort, instead helping you feel relief whenever things start to get dicey.

Relief Cosmoperine®

Cosmoperine® (Tetrahydropiperine), a derivative of black peppercorn, that enhances the bioavailability of nutrients and makes extra sure that all of these powerful ingredients get into your bod and work their magic!

Why This Product?

  • 1. Patches are Legit

    Patches are the most bioavailable way to get Hemp and other feel-good ingredients into your bod (aka faster and more efficient than other formats)

  • 2. Effective Ingredients

    We love Hemp as it is, but we think it’s best when paired with other natural ingredients, all working together to deliver the same benefit(s).

  • 3. Subtle & Smooth

    Patches deliver a controlled dose of ingredients directly into the bloodstream, so your experience will feel more like soothing background noise than being first row at a concert.

  • 4. Hassle Free

    It’s single-use and pre-dosed, so it’s pretty easy to figure out. Pop it on and start feeling better, almost immediately!

  • 5. Lasts V Long

    This cutie lasts up to 12 hours (!!), so no need to worry about needing to take more to make it through the day or night. It’s got you covered.

  • 6. It Cute

    This adorable patch has a VIBE. So, feel free to flaunt ‘it. Pair with your fave jewelry, match to your mani. Go ahead, express yourself! ☺

How it Works

  • Peel It

    Peel It

  • Set It

    Set it

  • Relaxing

    Forget It

  • Take it Off

    Take it Off

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Great for migraines, stress, and period cramps

I love the Relief Plz patches!! For period cramps, I place the patch on my lower stomach. For a migraine, I put it on the back of my neck. For general anxiety and stress, I put it on my wrist. I always keep a stock on hand because they've become a necessity!

Marsha B.

Relief patches were awesome . Thank you

Audrey P.
Relief from Back Pain

The Relief patches truly help to relieve my ongoing back pain issues!

Monica W.
Life Changing

I wandered into a shop that carries the Relief Plz and Sleep Plz and bought one of each - thinking I would try them out. I have now ordered more of both. They are amazing! The relief patch was incredibly helpful for my lower back soreness and the sleep patch was more incredible than I thought possible! I slept like I have not slept in years. I woke up refreshed and had the best sleep. The patches were easy to apply and remove. Highly recommend.

Christina S.

I absolutely love Fleur Marché patches!! The CBD Energy, Sleep & Pain Relief are my fav!! Especially they last up til 12 hours 🤍🙌🏽🧿

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