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The CBD SIX...with Eden Espinosa

The CBD SIX...with Eden Espinosa

by Danielle Cheesman (@daniellesaid)

Welcome to The CBD SIXAn interview series that spotlights how women we admire incorporate CBD into their daily routine—to help with everything from parenthood to professional pursuits—and demystify its stigmas in the process.

Meet Eden Espinosa! Most recognized for her portrayal of Wicked’s Elphaba on Broadway, in Los Angeles and in San Francisco, Espinosa began singing at the age of three, performing at age five, and recording at the age of ten. She continued her streak on the Broadway stage as Maureen in the closing company of Rent, and has since dropped two solo albums, including this year’s Revelation. Here, we talk to the consummate performer about CBD—in six ways.

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    What was your first experience with CBD?

    My first experience with CBD was a chocolate. A friend had been telling me about it for quite some time. This was before CBD products were sold everywhere. So she took me to a dispensary and I loaded up on a bunch of products to try.

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    Take us through your daily routine!

    Morning Must-Haves? 

    When I wake up, I try to spend the first hour on getting my mind and spirit in line for the day. I start with 20 minutes of journaling, which really helps me deal with my emotions and thoughts. I then go straight into my meditation. After that I will usually have hot water with lemon, while I write in my “magic book,” which is basically something my friend Kamilah Marshall (@gypsymoonshine) started. It's making a list of 10 things I’m grateful for, and then 10 things I want to manifest in my life. After that, I go for either a matcha latte or a bulletproof coffee. I’m not always the best about consistency with my morning routine, but when I am, the difference in my wellbeing and life is noticeable.

    Afternoon Pick-Me-Up? 

    Depending on the day, if I’m working on a job or if I’m in-between jobs, I’ll usually go to my fave class at Orangetheory Fitness. I definitely use several CBD products for recovery and muscle aches. I’m in love with Mary’s Nutritionals' Elite Compound. If I’m working 8 shows a week in the theater, I love this topical rub for my aches and pains.

    Nighttime Necessities? 

    My mind has been known to race at night. I use a tincture at night for relaxation and deep sleep. Before bedtime, I have several CBD skincare products that I have fallen in love with. For my face, I use Gara Skincare's Youth Serum and Saint Jane's Luxury Beauty Serum. For my body, I use Khus + Khus' Rasa Restorative Potion when I need a lot of hydration for my skin, and I use Saint Jane's Luxury Body Serum when I just want a luxurious treat for my skin before bed.

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    What are you like before and after your CBD dose?

    Nowadays, life moves at an extremely fast pace and we are constantly on the go, no matter what profession you are in. Even if your job isn’t stressful, we are constantly taking in information and content and media at lightning speeds. Because of this, there are times I have an edge to my mood or my mental state. I feel like CBD really evens that out and takes that edge and smooths it out a bit.

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    What is your favorite delivery method and why?

    I have two. I love a topical cream or serum. I feel like beauty and skincare products with CBD make my skin glow and take care of any inflammation or redness. (Also, for pain, I love a cream for muscles.) But for overall health and mental state, I love a tincture. It seems to have the fastest response time.

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    What myths, misconceptions or stigmas do you feel still surround CBD?

    That CBD makes you high.

  • 06

    You have to gift someone your favorite CBD product. What do you choose and why?

    My fave CBD product to gift a woman would be The Good Patch's Period Patch. I have never used a product that handles the pain of cramps as well as your overall mood that comes with PMS. I can’t recommend this enough.


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