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Onda Wellness Is Putting Farming First

Onda Wellness Is Putting Farming First

Stephen Smith had his CBD “aha” moment after experiencing what he expected to be a typically stressful flight during the holiday season.

Instead, the flight was uncharacteristically relaxing thanks to some CBD oil he’d dropped into his tea earlier that morning.

After that, a mutual friend connected him to fellow Onda Wellness co-founder Annie Sicard, who had a background in medical marijuana entrepreneurship—she started an eponymous edibles company in 2008—as well as in finance, wellness and management. Leveraging her background along with Smith's experience in winemaking, farming, and business development, the two launched Onda Wellness in 2017, taking a "whole plant approach" and focusing on social and environmental regeneration to deliver the cleanest possible plant medicine.

Here, we talk to Smith briefly about Onda and what sets it apart from all the other CBD brands out there.

How do capsules compare to other CBD formats, and what are the benefits?

A lot of people use capsules because they like a consistent, measured dose. We have 25mg and 50mg capsules. Our capsules are different from a lot of other products and other brands because we don’t use solvents. So we’re not using CO2, we’re not using alcohol, hexane, butane, or anything that’s either going to leave a residual solvent in your medicine or strip away nutrients that you really want [and] that the plants grew for a reason.

Onda Wellness Is Putting Farming First Onda Wellness Is Putting Farming First

Left: Smith nestling hemp seeds; Right: An Onda Wellness capsule

What makes Onda Wellness different?

We’re taking a very different path from most people. We have a farming background and we are very committed to empowering our farmers. So we partner with certified organic, and Demeter-certified Biodynamic [farming], which is a very elevated form of organic farming.

What does this mean?

This does a couple things. It provides a more nutrient-rich and cleaner product for the consumers. It also is helping to support farms and their livelihood, so that they have consistent pay and are being compensated for their hard work in a steady way.

Also, this type of farming is better for the environment: it’s building soil health, it’s better for native species, plants and animals; and it’s just a much more holistic way of farming [by] treating the farm as one living organism. We believe in that and we support that.

Onda’s ongoing commitment to clean extraction processes, its farmers' livelihoods, and its consumers’ health is why we love them. And why you will, too.


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