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Nova Blis' CBD Lollipops Are a Sweet Essential

Nova Blis' CBD Lollipops Are a Sweet Essential

Born and raised in a small town in the Philippines, Elena Devanadera and her family later migrated to Canada where she pursued her career as a plant scientist.

She turned to cannabis to help with some health issues, but due to her religious and conservative culture, kept the treatment a secret out of fear being judged. However, as cannabis became less stigmatized, Devanadera made it her mission to create high-quality, plant-based products for self-care that could seamlessly fit into a woman's lifestyle. Enter her brightly-colored, naturally-sourced CBD suckers: Chill Pops.

Here, we talk to Devanadera about natural healing, her ideal customer, and how to avoid being intimidated by CBD.

Why did you decide to create a CBD edible? Is it as effective as other delivery formats?

I decided to create an edible for people who wanted to start their CBD journey and wanted to try an alternative to the usual tincture or capsules. While other CBD edibles on the market are loaded with sugar and high in carbohydrates, the Chill Pop contains just one gram of carbohydrates and four grams of sugar. I also eliminated all synthetic dyes and artificial flavors found in most CBD edibles and replaced it with natural colors from beets, carrots, spirulina and fruits. And they're vegan and gluten-free, too.

While CBD edibles are mostly sold as gummies and chocolates, I created the Chill Pop to deliver a completely different experience. They're not just a pretty face! There’s more of a scientific reason as to why I decided to formulate them: When you suck on a Chill Pop and hold it under your tongue as long as you can, the CBD is absorbed by the sublingual glands, so the effects are abrupt—just like how you take a tincture or lozenge. Studies have shown that sublingual consumption has a 12-35% rate of being absorbed compared to 4%-20% rate by ingesting CBD.

Who is the ideal consumer for these lollipops?

Usually, it's people who are always on the go, but who also want to have an ideal CBD dose in their bag to help their physical and mental issues. Most of our customers are raving about how Chill Pops have helped them with their anxiety, body and joint inflammation, seizures, headaches, and with calming down and relaxing more.

Nova Blis' CBD Lollipops Are a Sweet Essential Nova Blis' CBD Lollipops Are a Sweet Essential

How is Nova Blis differentiating itself from all of the other brands on the market?

Coming from a religious and conservative culture, turning to cannabis for health reasons is still stigmatized and I felt like I had to keep it a secret out of fear of being judged by others. But as the industry is starting to normalize, I want to show women that there is a shift in cannabis [being] used as a plant-based self-care. I believe that there should be high-quality products that seamlessly fit into our lifestyle, and I believe women should have the access to the natural healing properties of hemp CBD. I created a line of meticulously-dosed CBD products and designed it to be playful and highly aesthetic for our modern lifestyle.

I am on a mission to reinvent and destigmatize cannabis through education so that everyone, especially women, can uncover the liberating power of cannabis. Nova Blis is inspired from simple life choices to deliver health and wellness through nature. We believe in easy access to the natural healing properties of hemp that is great for body pains, anxiety or everyday stresses in life. Or maybe an added TLC designed to make you feel good everyday. We don’t take shortcuts or compromise ingredients to cut costs. We are fully dedicated and will stay true to our mission. We stand in full transparency and honesty of our products and never consider synthetic ingredients when formulating our product.

Anything else you want people to know?

CBD is not just a trend, but is now a lifestyle. There's no doubt that CBD has taken over the market by storm. You can find it in different forms, from your tinctures, edibles, moisturizers, even lubes! It can be pretty intimidating because there are thousands of brands selling CBD and it's hard to choose which one to try. I always recommend to research more on the company on where they source their CBD, ask for a Certificate of Analysis that shows the complete cannabinoid profile to pesticide analysis before committing on buying any CBD products to ensure that you're getting a high-quality product.


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