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Fleur Marché Patches are Byrdie's New

Fleur Marché Patches are Byrdie's New "CBD Go-To"!

"...the geniuses at Fleur Marché...created my new favorite thing: CBD patches. This is not just your run-of-the-mill CBD product."


We were pretty excited to learn that renowned beauty publication Byrdie wanted to try our wellness patches. The gals at Byrdie are pretty discerning when it comes to all things beauty and wellness, and we knew they'd give us the real about what they thought. So, we basically peed our pants when Beauty & Wellness editor Amanda Ross said that after trying the patches, she would "never go back to the sour CBD gummies of [her] past." Here are some of our favorite excerpts from the article.


"Treating my body like a science experiment is a top hobby, so I was eager to take these colorful little squares out for a spin and record my notes. My editor, Faith, raved about how effective the Energy, Plz patch was, telling me she noticed an immediate difference, so I decided to start there. Fleur Marché has described the B12-filled patch as a great coffee alternative, so that's exactly what I tried. Rather than reach for my morning La Colombe can, I slapped one of the cute, marigold patches on my inner arm. Within about 15 minutes, I had the sudden urge to clean the living room, which is typically my pavlovian response to drinking coffee—the patch worked!"


"Next up was Sleep, Plz which is something I plaintively beg for nightly. Normally, I'm caught in a never-ending TikTok-Instagram-group chat Bermuda Triangle when I try to sleep. When I put on the sleep patch, it I was suddenly disinterested in my usual app circuit. It felt like too much work, so I just read a few pages of Mariah Carey's memoir in honor of Aries season and felt my lids get heavy. What really was notable about my experience with the sleep patch was my quality of sleep. Sleeping through the night is normally an issue for me, but these patches delivered on a full night's rest. I felt so refreshed the next day, every task felt easier."


"Relief, Plz arrived at the perfect time. I had just received my first COVID-19 vaccine dose and my arm was so sore, I couldn't even lift it to text. I put the patch below the injection point Band-Aid and was surprised at how much looser my muscle felt. Was it as effective as Ibuprofen? Of course not, but it did make a noticeable different in the pain and is a great alternative for anyone looking to take fewer oral drugs."


"Sex, Plz...yes, please. Not to give too many details, but let me just say it works exactly as described. I'm curious how it would be with both sexual partners wearing one. Something tells me it'd be heavenly."

See the full article HERE.