Staying In for the Night: CBD for Sex

While we're obviously advocates for incorporating CBD into your daily routine, we're not opposed to your nightly routine either—wink, wink. Yeah, we're talking about sex.

The benefits of bringing CBD into your bedroom are two-fold because it can address both your mental and physical concerns.

You may suffer from performance anxiety that leaves you feeling less than confident in your sexual superpowers. Luckily, CBD directly activates one of your serotonin receptors—5-HT1A—resulting in an anti-anxiety effect, plus it’s been found to regulate the release of cortisol (i.e. the stress-activating hormone.) 

Or, you may suffer from actual pain during sex due to a disorder or common dryness. Well, CBD is also believed to influence the receptor TRPV1, which is known to mediate pain perception, and then desensitize it.

On top of all that, studies show that CBD prevents the breakdown of anandamide, which is nicknamed the “bliss” molecule due to its properties as a mood enhancer (and because it is derived from the Sanskrit word ananda of the same meaning).

Lastly, CBD works with our endocannabinoid system, positively interacting with its receptors to improve and stabilize our bodily functions. When it comes to the female reproductive tract, those receptors are found throughout the vagina, vulva, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Perfect placement, if you ask us!

So, whether you're planning a night alone or with your partner, CBD can calm the stress that leads to sexual shyness, ease the possible pain of penetration (especially when in the form of, say, a topical lubricant), and increase the feelings of euphoria that can naturally come with the act.

Here are a few of our favorite CBD for sex picks.