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Sky Vibes: How to Prepare for a Full Moon with CBD

Sky Vibes: How to Prepare for a Full Moon with CBD

Every month, the moon undergoes its transformational cycle through quarters and crescents, waxing and waning, from new to full—you know the drill!

But it's said that the most powerful point of the cycle is indeed the Full Moon, which brims with introspective and improving energies.

Usually occurring during the middle of the month, here are 3 ways to prepare for this lunar phase.

  • Complete Those Projects! with...

    Plant People Stay Sharp CBD Capsules

    The beginning-of-the-month's New Moon is when new ideas and intentions should be embarked upon. But the Full Moon phase is when you should close the gap on procrastination, check in on your progress, and complete those projects and promises you made to yourself. Thankfully, these capsules from Plant People can help keep your intellect in check. Each one contains 15mg of CBD, plus a handful of nootropics—i.e. brain boosting supplements—like Ginkgo Biloba and more that support mental processing, memory and mood, and aim to reduce mental burnout.

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  • Soak It Up! with...

    Vertly Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salts

    Skin—your largest organ!—is reportedly more absorbent leading up to (and on) the Full Moon, so why not soak up some restorative energy by, quite literally, soaking? A cleansing bath full of healing minerals is the simplest way to kickoff your rejuvenation and relaxation. And these bath salts from Vertly can do just the trick. Packed with dead sea salt, sulphur and magnesium, they penetrate the skin and enter your bloodstream so that they can assist in releasing toxins and reducing aches. Plus, they include essential oils (like lavandin and lemongrass) and 50mg of hemp CBD.

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  • Meditate! with...

    Gara Skincare Menthol Rub

    In order for the lunar energy to work its magic, it's best for you to sit still for a bit. Settle down for a calming mediation (or two or get the idea) that'll allow you to get introspective, reflect, and assess both the things that no longer serve you and what the universe is trying to tell you. This rub from Gara Skincare can help with all those crucial inhale-exhales because with 45mg of CBD, and cooling relief coming courtesy of peppermint, arnica and menthol, it eases tensions, uplifts moods and, yup, clears the sinus.

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Sky Vibes: How to Prepare for a Full Moon with CBD

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