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Let us patch you up.
BC You can’t do big
things if you feel
like sh*t.

Sometimes, you get so caught up in the hustle it’s hard to listen when your body asks for help. We're here to keep you going when the craziness of life threatens to slow you down.

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Plant-Based Wellness Patches

The support you need to be your fave version of you.
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The Energy Patch

Dummy-proof wellness
for busy people

Forget 10-step IG-worthy smoothies, if just brushing your teeth everyday feels like a win, this is the wellness solution for you. These pre-dosed, single-use patches don’t make you think too hard and can work on the go or stick with you the whole day through.
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The Sex Patch

Thoughtful solutions
for the needs of a modern lifestyle

After 2 years of getting to know our customers it felt like you were each turning to CBD for a lot of the same reasons. So, we purposefully developed formulations that combine CBD with complementary ingredients proven to help with the things you’re actually struggling with on the daily.
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The Relief Patch

Made to be

Meet the arm candy of the next generation. Bright, bold and here to make a statement, just like you. Show them off, share them with friends, tell the world what makes you awesome.
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The Sleep Patch

Wellness for All

Wellness shouldn't be reserved for the 1%. We wanted to make something that anyone could enjoy, regardless of budget, schedule, or (frankly) interest in "self-care". If you're not feeling your best, this product is for you. No matter who you are, what you believe, or where you come from.
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Why a Patch?

Well, it's everything you'd want in a life partner.
  • No B.S.
    Patches help your bod better absorb and start using feel-good ingredients faster than with other delivery formats.
  • Consistent
    They steadily release an even dose of ingredients for a consistent and controlled experience. Plus, they stop working as soon as you take them off – no residual effects.
  • Lasts long AF
    They last up to 12 hours for a full day or night’s worth of good vibes. If only everything in life lasted this long…le sigh.
  • Adaptable
    You’re in control of how you want to feel. Pop one on when you need it, peel it off when you don’t.
  • One + Done
    Pre-dosed products take the guesswork out of feeling better. No confusion about how to use or whether you took enough.
  • No weird smells or tastes
    ‘Cuz no one wants to be a walking weed farm.
  • It Cute!
    Bye bye weird "flesh-toned" squares, these bold patches that are meant to be shown off! Perfect for matching with your mani or your mood. ;)
Patch Patch
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Let us patch you up with a little bit of everything.

Feeling overcommitted, overstimulated, overworked, overwhelmed, and
just over it?

Check out the Variety Pack :)

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