Mother's Day Gift Guide

Welp, two months into quarantine, we can confidentially say this has been the strangest two months of our lives…

While we’re not sure what the future holds, what we do know is that we owe the MVPs of our lives a little something special, now more than ever.

So here’s a little breakdown of how you can gift that special Mom (or Grandma, Step-Mom, Mom friend, etc.) in your life a little slice of wellness. Trust us, she needs it.

Instead of Wine
For the


For the mom who’s been hittin’ the sauce a little too hard, lately (hi, it's us) – give her something better.

For the Believer For the Believer
For the

"Just-let-me-sleep" mom

Powerful plant-based sleep aids that work.

The Good Patch

Nite Nite Patch

CBD + melatonin = blissful 8+ hours of sleep.

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Fleur Marché

Le Sleep Kit

3 best-selling sleep products, in a cute gift-wrapped bundle.

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Relaxation + sedation
in a bottle.

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For the


We get it. Fulltime working mom + fulltime stay-at-home mom = bye bye “me” time. Here’s some self-care that’s hassle free and incredibly satisfying.


Lit Hemp Face Oil

Make up is OUT, but ultra hydrated skin is still IN.

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Brightening CBD
Eye Cream

Restorative eye cream for stress-induced fine lines & wrinkles (thanks Covid).

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For the

“She-has-everything” mom

For the hard-to-please ladies out there, you really can’t go wrong with these CBD fan-faves.


CBD Truffles

Who doesn’t love a chocolate that brings on the calm??

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Plus Products

CBD Gummy Trio

Gummies for energy, anxiety, and sleep. Need we say more?

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When in doubt...

Get em a gift card. The gift of CBD > than anything else else this year, promise.

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