The "Put-2020-Behind-Us" Gift Guide

While we’re ALL excited to bid 2020 “adieu,” before we do there’s actually something to look forward to: THE HOLIDAYS. In this most unusual of years, we’ve put together a group of pandemic proof delights for all your loved ones – calm inducing, budget friendly, easily giftable products that will put a smile on the face of just about anyone.

Greater Goods

Lord Jones

Cranberry CBD Gumdrops

Like a spiced cranberry cider, without the calories or the hangover. The perfect treat for sitting by the fire, listening to your mother-in-law yap away . . .

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CBD Under $50 CBD Under $50

$50 and Under

Classy, thoughtful, won’t break the bank.

Fifth & Root

Moonlight Mask

If 2020 & winter air have done a number on your skin.

Mr. Moxey's

Calm CBD Mints

Fresh breath + less anxiety: 2 birds, 1 mint.


Hemp CBD Pet Chews

Even our fur babies aren’t immune to 2020 tensions. They’ll thank you for this.

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$30 and Under

We get it. This year, more than ever, budgets are TIGHT. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a great gifter. These price conscious goodies are fun, cute and still quite deluxe.

Check 'Em Out

The Good Patch

the Weekender

A brilliant trio with a Nite Nite Patch, a Hangover Patch, and a Calm Patch. Road trips just got an upgrade.


CBD Under Eye Patches

Luxurious, restorative eye gels for puffy, sleep deprived eyes (thanks 2020).

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One Click Gifts

Fleur Marché

Glow Up

Mini beautifying heroes for the skincare guru.

Fleur Marché

Got the Munchies

Sweet treats that go great with a hot cup of cocoa.

Fleur Marché

Dazed & Amused

Does anything sound more soothing than smoking a (CBD hemp) joint. In a CBD bath. Alone??

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Just in case there’s someone you’re feeling extra grateful for, there are still some ways to go all out this year. Here are some of the products we’re most excited about this season: they’re luxurious, gorgeous, and reallllly effective.

Chill Mary

Peppermint Bark CBD Elixir

Holiday spirit in a bottle: this peppermint bark tincture is actually the perfect addition to any holiday cocktail. Plus, with up to 1000mg of CBD it’ll get you feeling good ASAP.

Saint Jane

The C Drops

Vitamin C and CBD is a powerful combination if it’s glowing, dewy skin you’re looking for. Aren’t we all?

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When in doubt...

If all else fails, there is always a trust-y gift card. Gift your loved one $25, $50, $100 or $200 worth of CBD.

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