Le Fleur      Marché Gift Guide

2019 was the year of CBD. It’s everywhere and in everything, but it can be so hard to understand what it actually does, where it belongs in your wellness routine, and why it should be a must-have on your holiday gift list.

So, let us guide you (see what we did there) to the best CBD gifts for all the ones you love. We’re sure they can all benefit from a little dose of CBD this holiday season . . .

CBD Totes
For the


Ready to try CBD in theory, but afraid to take the first step.

Fleur Marché

All the CBD formats for all your daily needs, in one adorable little bundle.

Le Sampler Kit $50
For the Believer For the Believer
For the


Our most poweful products for CBD converts already out there spreading the gospel.

Life Elements

Workout enthusiasts can’t get enough of this MVP. Gift to your most active friend, trust us she’ll be obsessed.

CBD & Honey Ache and Pain Relief (500mg) $68 Shop Now


Our most potent tincture is easy to dose and works like a dream. Just a few drops and you’re on your way to ”ahhhh”.

Extra (1000mg) $120 Shop Now


Instant, whole body relief perfect for stressful holidays and pending New Year’s resolutions. Plus, it’s really chic.

Calming Pen - CBD Blend $75
For the

(CBD) Skeptic

Because, shockingly enough – a lot of your friends STILL think all cannabis gets you high.

Fleur Marché

Our best-selling products in minis. Enough said.

Le Sampler Kit $50 Shop Now


Flavorless, idiot proof, uber beginner friendly CBD drops. Spike any mock or cocktail and bring on the calm.

Balance Drops $60 Shop Now
For the


Speaks for itself. Really, what better gift is there than sleep?

The Good Patch

Discreet, easy to use, perfect for a long flight or the ensuing jet lag.

Nite Nite Patch$12 Shop Now


Better sleep in a pill, literally. See you in 8 hours (or more)…

Drift & Dream Capsules$49.99 Shop Now

Yuyo Botanics

It’s one of our biggest hits for a reason (it really, really works).

PM Formula $110
For the

Cool Grandma

Turns out, the 50 & up crowd loves CBD more than anyone.


Festive, delicious and 20mg of CBD per serving, the perfect holiday treat.

CBD Mint Truffles$30 Shop Now

Dr. Kerklaan

Not the sexiest gift, but certainly the most helpful. Our moms buy them in bulk.

Natural CBD Pain Cream$68 Shop Now
For the

Most Anxious BFF

We’ve all got at least one loveable stress case in our lives…

Yuyo Botanics

Great for energy, focus and NOT having a panic attack at work.

AM Formula $55 Shop Now

Fleur Marché

Calm in a kit. If you’re willing to splurge on this for your bestie, you’ll both benefit – if she’s zen, you’re zen. And if she’s not…welp good luck.

Le Calm Kit $150 Shop Now

Plant People

A literal chill pill.

Calm CBD Capsules $59

When in doubt...

Get em a gift card. The gift of CBD > than anything else in their stocking this year...

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